Live Events – Embrace the extra-ordinary

3cjGlobal Live Events – Over the years we have been fortunate to work with some of the leading organisations, some big, some small, each with different challenges and budgets, but all with a desire to embrace creativity and brilliance. We build powerful platforms where knowledge, launches, incentives, awards, conferences and insightful information can be shared. We love to deliver your message in the most effective way, engaging, educating, motivating, inspiring and rewarding, and we do all of it with so much energy and precision ensuring lasting effect long after the event.

We also bring together high impact and extremely successful individuals from around the world to teach and share their success stories with the next generation of entrepreneurs, business people and professionals. These are individuals with uncommon wisdom who have made measurable and distinctive marks in society, and the focus is to empower and help raise the levels of aspiration and success within a specific group in society. This enables us to contribute dynamically to nation building, while helping to raise ambition levels and impact on multiplied individual successes in the culture.

We have exciting plans and amazing individuals lined up for future events, and these will be widely advertised and promoted both locally and internationally.

We also provide a bridge for business leaders in Africa and from around the world, who would like to share ideas and experiences with their colleagues on the other side of the world. We assist organisations and government bodies who wish to access overseas markets with their products or investment opportunities utilizing our superior reach and access. We provide excellent logistical support, superior onsite management and unrivalled regional contact list.

We have been hosting, facilitating and compering extremely successful events on behalf of our clients for over 10 years, with high level individuals in attendance. We have had the high privilege of facilitating events with Presidents, Prime Ministers, top Government Ministers, Governors, top Business Leaders, Royalty, Ambassadors and Entrepreneurs in attendance. Some of these events have up to 400 global leaders and can run for 2-3 days. We are proud to say we are in high demand for these high end functions, because of the professionalism, precision of delivery and unmatched levels of excellence we bring to the job.