What we do

We have 3 key areas of specializations, these are things we do very well and these are:

Corporate Training

We have been delivering superior training for many of our clients covering a wide array of courses and subject matter for over 15 years. We are very flexible, we come to your premises or offsite in your country, and we also run the courses overseas depending on your requirement.

Since our inception, we have been actively engaged in designing, planning and delivering customized, innovative, and high value added programs for several high profile organizations internationally.


The planning & delivery of our programs are based around the Experiential Learning Cycle. Experiential Learning takes account of the way in which adults learn, i.e. they need to be able to draw reference from their own experiences, reflect upon past and new learning experiences/knowledge and integrate them into new ways of being and behaving. This enables individuals to develop greater levels of self-awareness through self-directed or discovery learning techniques infused with the latest in international best practices.

We are proud to serve many high level organisations over the years. They have found it great value to engage our services.

Here are some of them: